Our last week in Sausalito

Just another day in Sausalito. I’m tucked up in a waterfront coffee shop, watching an incredibly longwinded yelloworangepink sunrise awaken this small town and the surrounding Bay. The garbage, recycling and veggie oil trucks are adding their music to the sounds of people calling their dogs and seagulls battling for scraps. Rob left an hour ago with Galilee friends and is probably already in the water at Bolinas, paddling to catch his first wave. My ferry arrives in a half an hour to take me to my last day working in the City. Time marches on. How is it mid October already?

Much to both our joy and dismay, we have decided to sail back under the bridge and continue on our journey early next week. This has been a very wonderful stop! And it could easily have become more. Yesterday we were offered a permanent mooring (hard to find) and Rob was offered a job. My temp job would probably keep me around too. If we decided to winter here, we wouldn’t be the first. Lots of sailors with boat work to do or money to make stick around longer than planned. But we have no excuse, after a few more days of work, Velella velella will be ready to sail (Rob and Jodie fixed the stays’l club). And I hear we have some visitors planning on meeting us in Mexico…So we better keep moving!

Highlights from this month and a half Bay Area odyssey? Surfing and working with Rob’s rad sister Lauren, playing tag with her sweet son Reef, catching up with my superfriend Aleah in Santa Cruz, walking the houseboat docks of Sausalito, enjoying a visit from Rob’s dad Duff, sushi with good friends Peter and Mimi, sailing with new friends on the Seaward, picking up anchor to motor around the corner and “have breakfast with the Golden Gate bridge” as Rob called it. Visiting one of my favorite non-profits Global Exchange, yoga at Laughing Lotus, W. African dance in Oakland, beach clean up at Rodeo Beach, another of Rob’s surf spots, bookdrooling at City Lights, my favorite bookstore after Elliot Bay Books in Seattle. Seeing Michael Franti and Spearhead in Berkeley at the Greek!!! Thank you Jason for the tickets! What else? Did I mention the pregnancy party, where all attendees had to wear balloons under their shirts in honor of Katie and Jodie’s little one on the way? We had some fun at that!

How have we fit it all in? Get up early, stay up late! Every weekday morning at 7:45 am
Rob takes me by dinghy to my ferry which means I’m probably the only commuter who takes 3 boats (and no cars) to work. While I explore my working city girl side, Rob takes care of the boat, works at Jodie’s shop and goes surfing. After work I hop the ferry back to Sausalito and walk through a maze of yachts to find Rob and the dingy waiting for me. We head back out to our boat on anchor (free!) to eat dinner, often times joined by friends who row out in their own dinghies. Then on weekends we play! It’s not a bad life.

Back to the present: To my left I can hear the baristas comparing what lipo feels like and to my right some older gentlemen in kakis are discussing how women who spend too much time in the sun “look 90 when they’re 50!” Their looks of disgust remind me that this place isn’t perfect, California might have a lot going for it but it still can be extremely vain. I try to ignore it and seek out the good. That is what has made this an incredible visit: good people.

Okay, I see my ferry approaching. My last gift to you: two new photos albums from our last month of adventures up on Picasa. Click on the link to the right to view them. Sorry I didn’t have time for captions!

Finally, we are famous. See page 103 in Latitude 38 sailing magazine for a short blurb and photo of yours truly (Rob, me and Velella velella). Last month LaDonna and Rob, sailors who work for the free magazine interviewed us for an article about cruisers passing through on their way south. You can probably pick up a copy at your local West Marine. And yes, of course, we’ll do autographs.

Love, K and R


5 Weeks in the Bay

Life is good. The good ship Velella velella and her trusty crew having been enjoying the sunshine and hospitality of Sausalito and the greater Bay Area for over a month now! I can’t believe it. After we left Aquatic Park in downtown SF, we launched across the Bay to drop anchor in Richardson Bay, which hugs the town of Sausalito. Our very first night we had plans with not one but two different couples who live on their boats! Jim and Karen of Sockdolager (who just sailed down the coast too!) and Jodie and Katie in Galilee Harbor. Galilee, wow. What a cool place, full of colorful sail, motor and house boats and really sweet, friendly people. We are so happy so many Port Townsend friends have paved the way before us and been great ambassadors when they sailed down the coast and stopped in Sausalito to dry out and rest up. There is a strong PT to Saucy connection because of this. (That’s my nickname for this place, not necessarily a proper localism.) The posse at Galilee has really taken us in, inviting us sailing, taking us surfing, feeding us delicious meals and letting us tie up our dinghy in a safe slip. Leaving this place will be hard to do!

Good news, we’re both employed so money isn’t just traveling down a one way street. Rob is helping Jodie in his boat shop and also working with a new friend Tyler who helps houseboat owners take care of their watery foundations and swap out old lines etc. What a trip. I’m working in Customer Service at a company Rob’s sister works at, TRX Fitness Anywere. It’s awesome! Really friendly people, I get to work out or go to yoga every day at lunch time and it’s about one millionth the amount of stress of any other job I’ve ever had, since I’m a t- or temp. I just show up, work, workout, and go home! Pretty sweet.

More soon! Library is loggin me out.

Love, Kai’n’Rob