Sailing North, Adios La Cruz

Leaving is so bittersweet. We are excited to see the Sea of Cortez and then head back to Estados Unidos to see friends and family. We miss those folks up there! And we’re looking forward to getting up to Alaska to work. But it’s still hard to leave this little life we’ve made down here. “Camp’s over,” Rob says. Everyone is heading north or south to get out of range of the summer hurricanes. Some are even doing “the puddle jump” across the Pacific, only a few stick around through the summer. However, we are leaving sooner than many which means lots of goodbyes. And goodbye birthday parties! Birthday Week was a blast, we had a dock party with a Smurf piñata for Rob on Monday and a boat party on Velella last night for me. We’ve made wonderful friends. See you next season Class of 2011!

Three new photos albums are up on Picasa. Click on the photo to the right to see one album then select ‘Home’ on the Picasa site to see the rest. Enjoy!

Let’s go get that anchor up and see if we remember how to sail. xoxo

Love, Kai and Rob


We are just having a horrible time, can you tell?

Beach walk to Bucerias with Kristi and Caley

Mom and Mary and Piña Colada at 109

Mother/daughter resemblance?

Robin, Lynn/Mom, Pancho, Kai, Rob

Sailing the World with Music! DJ Rob Submerzion had 2 gigs in La Cruz this season

Our home sweet sweet home

Getting the boat ready and provisioned to leave Banderas Bay/La Cruz to head up to the Sea of Cortez next week! Trying to get the boat hauled out and put away for the summer in time to fly back to the States in April. But first, it’s BIRTHDAY TIME! Rob’s the 12th, I’m the 15th. Dock Party DJ Dinghy Race?