Spring in Sitka

…has been cold. And wet. And full of wildlife! If you check out our latest photo album (look to your right) you will see the progression of gray, rainy days lightening up until HALLELUJAH the SUN CAME OUT! And shone down upon the good sea otters, humpback whales, bald eagles and swimming grizzly bears of Sitka Sound. Pardon the lack of posts in May, I will catch you up in one sentence: we housesat the coziest home with the chillest cat Black Jack and worked almost every day and cooked and ate like it was the middle of winter (chili, root crops, venison, cornbread) which after Mexico it felt like it was. Now it is June and I will catch you up again in just a few words: we moved into a sweet studio, we still work as much as possible, in the evenings we sometimes go to yoga but mostly watch Mad Men and we had our first Alaskan beach bbq and it was well attended (by 20 hungry eagles).

We listen to Sitka’s Raven Radio station KCAW and go to the lovely Old Harbor Books and I volunteered with the Sitka Conservation Society taking kids out to a salmon creek. But we still haven’t made too many friends outside of work. Maybe it’s time for Rob to DJ a party at the local brewery? Happily we love our jobs, searching for wildlife in this gorgeous part of the world is such a treat. On week days we take out cruise ship passengers, on weekends it’s typically charters. Last week we had the high school jazz band on board and they played Louie Louie as we watched whales lazily swim by. What a trip!

Hope all is well in your part of the world. Drop us a note if you feel inclined! We’d love getting news from the lower 48.

Love, the crew of the St. Eugene