Sitka Summer Winds Down

Only two more weeks before we hop on the ferry back to Washington. Where has our  Sitka summer gone? We’ve been busy busy working, taking folks out on the water nearly every day and seeing so much amazing wildlife! Mama bears and cubs, schooling salmon, parliaments of eagles, piles of harbor seals and charismatic Alaskan sea otters. And Whales! Humpbacks, minke and the occasional orcas. Our crew of 5 rocks, we’ve been a great team. We’ve been working together since April and are just now preparing to say goodbye. On our days off we’ve had a blast hiking, hot springing and exploring with visitors like my mom and Jim, Rob’s dad and Sue, friends from Seattle Ruben and Kathy and Katie from PT, the same Katie who visited us in Mexico. Apparently we’ve become some people’s vacation destination. 🙂 Oh yah, and we got engaged! Not a bad summer!

I uploaded two new photo albums of all the Sitka action. (After you look at Part 1 in Picasa, click on my name or my gallery to see Part 2.) You’ll see a major maritime theme. When we’re not on our boat, the St. Eugene, we’re driving other Allen Marine boats or visiting gill netting, trolling, seining, sailing and tender friends on their boats! It’s great how many people have passed through town, we’ve had many harbor-to-bar reunions. But now most of them have wrapped up their season and headed south; we are ready to follow in their footsteps. Just a few more things to do: I’m going to Juneau to help my dad move his fishing boat to Wrangell, Rob’s hopefully going surfing with schooner Mycia pals, we’ve got a few more tours with the last cruise ships of the summer and then, of course, a big farewell beach bbq! Maybe a dance party?

Hope all’s well on your end! We’ll be in the Pacific NW and California in Oct. and Nov. so look us up! After that we head back down to the boat. Poor Velella velella, she’s been braving the heat and winds in Guaymas on the Sea of Cortez and we can’t wait to clean her up and get her back in the water where she belongs. But we’ll miss our Sitka friends! Thanks for a wonderful summer.

Time to go pick some blueberries,
Kai and Rob