Back to Mexico!

Long pause in posts, dear readers, our apologies. Thank you for your polite queries about our blog slacking, we’re back in the saddle now. We wrapped up our Alaska jobs and headed to the lower 48 in late September and engulfed ourselves in a wonderful month and a half whirlwind of visiting family and friends. I’ve uploaded an album on Picasa of our good times with amazing people in Port Townsend, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, Chicago, Maryland and San Diego. Whew! So much love! It was hard to say goodbye (again). But sea, sun and our dear boat called!

Now we are…drum roll please…back on Velella velella! In Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico on the mainland side of the Sea of Cortez. We are headed into our second week being back and as I look around me I see a sea of…dirt. We are still hauled out on land. Naively we believed we’d be back in the water in oh, three to five days. Ha ha! At least we’re not the only optimistic souls here. This yard is full of friendly fun cruisers, with boats in all stages of readiness. I think most of the people with small projects have already launched and now the folks around us are planning for launch dates in Dec, Jan or March. They have major, long term work to do. Gratefully, that is not us. We’re actually looking pretty good. We came back to the boat not knowing what we’d find and happily we did NOT find rot, mold, insect infestations, much cracked or splitting from heat, rotten food, etc. What we did find was a broken fridge (leaks in the 20 year old condenser let all the freon out), batteries that wouldn’t hold enough of a charge, a leaky aft fuel tank and a head (that’s a toilet landlubbers) that needed a little love. We were initially quite discouraged about the fridge and the batteries (the leaky fuel tank is an ongoing issue and the head we were prepared for) but amazingly our neighbors on a catamaran across the way had a fridge they were selling that was the perfect size and setup. And they do sell batteries in Mexico. So, we’ve been chugging away on getting things fixed and unstowed from summer storage and restowed for sailing. A big mental accomplishment was getting all the rigging, sails, sailcovers and weather clothes up. Now we at least look ready!

Even with the emotional ups and downs of finding broken things and stressing about the costs to fix them, life is good and we are especially loving the community we’ve met here in the yard. It’s a great group and as you can see in the ‘Back to the Boat’ Picasa photo album, they are very social! We’ve been to a bonfire bbq, an incredibly delicious Thanksgiving potluck, and a trip to the malecon in the main part of town for elote, papas locas and some kereoke. Also multiple happy hours surrounded by boats on jackstands and even a visit to a little house some sailors are renting up the road. That was a treat because when we showed up we were immediately invited over by their local neighbors who were having a huge fiesta for a tio’s birthday. We ended up dancing to banda well into the night! Cultural note: Much like a loud American party, the cops showed up around eleven thirty but unlike in America, they parked their jeep, where the niƱos proceeded to jump all over it, and headed inside to join the party. Ah, Mexico.

Perhaps you can see why we haven’t launched yet. We’re kind of busy! But we’re trying to stay focused as boats are meant to be wet and we are jonesing to head across the Sea of Cortez to explore Baja. I’ve never been on the Sea side of Baja and it sounds magical. Muchos amigos in La Cruz, down where we spent last Jan-Mar are encouraging us to get down there for Christmas and we’d LOVE to but we don’t want to rush the Sea. So perhaps we’ll make it by New Year’s. Or for Navidad if the cactus just aren’t doing it for us and we are ready to see some palm trees.

Crossing our fingers that we’re in the water this week! If so, the next post will come from somewhere en las islas de Baja.

Mucho amor! Now back to work,
Kai y Rob