LaLaLa Cruz

New photos! Click on the photo to the right. Will pass along stories soon. La Crazy Cruz, we heart you.

Love, K + R


Sailors Amnesia is the Best Kind

Happiness, peace and bliss. We finally made it back to the serenity and sanity of calm, predictable Banderas Bay. Not without one last butt-kicking, courtesy of the Sea of Cortez. ¬†Our 3 day crossing was a windy and lumpy and even rainy sail two thirds of the way and then the last night 80 miles offshore we got caught in big cross seas, big confused winds, nasty current and moon behind a thick cloud layer so pitch dark. We were passing behind the Tres Marias islands but no refuge there, they are a prison colony. So, not only can you not anchor and hideout there, you get a dark creepy feeling as you pass by. Rob finally had to heave-to (stall out the boat), just to get some rest and try to keep the boat from slamming around so much. (I meanwhile was preoccupied with not puking.) Heaving to seemed to work better than when we tried it in the gale off Cape Mendocino but it still wasn’t what I’d call “comfortable.” Eventually things calmed down a bit and we were able to motor out of there by taking an angle way off course for awhile. We made up our lost time the following day and due to our smart fuel consumption the first two days, we never ran out. One point us, 300 points Sea of Cortez.

But that’s all behind us now! The best sailors are those with short term memory. Now we are in Banderas Bay, in our beloved little La Cruz, surrounded by friends from last season, tousled by gentle warm breezes, serenaded by birds feasting on papayas and entertained by pelicans diving kamikazee style into the water. It’s not too hot, or too cold or even slightly stormy or rough. Hardly even a roll in the anchorage. Ahhhhhh…this is what we came for. Don’t know how long we’ll stay, we’re excited to sail down to towns south of here that we didn’t get to last year. But for now, we rest, rejoice, rejuvenate and freakn’ forget. What bad weather?

Happy 2013! Love, Kai and Rob