Yoga, Birthdays, The States


Guess what? We aren’t in Mexico anymore! Nope, we closed up the boat like last year and left her in the tropics, only this time we left her in a slip in the water instead of hauled out on land. Why? Partly because we want to see if she weathers better in Banderas Bay instead of up in the desert of Guaymas. But mostly because we LOVE Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta and La Cruz and Punta Mita and we want to go straight back down there next fall! So, that’s our plan.

March was packed full, I moved into an apartment in Puerto Vallarta for three weeks with a friend and my mom to attend yoga school at Davannayoga. It was amazing! You’ll see from the most recent photo album, it was an incredible experience. There were only 6 of us, led by the humble, talented, unbelievable Anna Laurita, through 10 hour days, lots of bonding, many workshops, mantras, kirtans, and meditation, culminating in the teaching of a public class. Wow! Now I can’t wait to teach in Port Townsend and Mexico!

While I was at yoga school, Rob anchored at Punta Mita with our buddies on Tumbleweed and Aquarelle, entertained guests from the States and surfed every day. Pretty sweet! We got to see each other on the weekends, in PV or La Cruz. Rob’s mom and stepdad Lynn and Robin came down for a week long visit and they had a great time sailing, swimming, cooking meals and chilling on the beach. For our birthdays in mid-March we went out in Puerto Vallarta with a big gang of cruisers and yoginis and ate lots of cake. And to top it all off, Rob DJed a killer dance party/show in La Cruz the last weekend before we left. It was a perfect ending to our second season in Mexico.

When April arrived, it was time to head North. Adios Velella velella! We’ll miss you. Be good, stay safe, we’ll see you in November. On our way up, we stopped through California to see some family, we hope to see more in the fall. Now we are in Port Townsend, enjoying bonfires, spring flowers, fresh farm veggies, catching up with friends and getting ready to go work in Alaska! We both got jobs in the fishing world this year, Rob as a skiffman on a seiner, the Coral Sea, and myself on an all-woman fish buying tender near the town of Pelican. The good news is we will be happily and gainfully employed, the bad news is we probably won’t see much of each other up there. Considering the amount of time we’ve spent together these past two years on the sailboat, being apart will take some getting used to. But it will make our reunion in the fall (for our wedding!) that much sweeter. xoxo

Hope this update finds you wonderful and well. If you’re in the PNW, give us a call! Maybe we can meet up.

Se vaya bien,
Kai y Rob