Fishing in Alaska!

We made it to our summer jobs! I’m near Pelican, AK on an anchored scow aka barge, buying salmon from trollers and Rob is around Sitka on a seiner, the Coral Sea. We love it! Too bad we won’t see much of each other for the next few months but we’ll get plenty of time together next winter back in Mexico. Hope you enjoy the photos of our spring visitathon and my photos of Pelican and my scow, which happens to have had an all-woman crew every season for the past 20 plus years! It’s dreamy inside, a perfect cozy floathouse perched over a fish buying station with lots of totes of ice and salmon. Oh and a sauna and hot tub! I won’t have internet probably again until September so you may not get another post until then. But if Rob can post pictures of his epic seining adventures, he will. Have a great summer! The humpbacks and waterfalls and grizzly bears and salmon all say hi!

Love, Kai and Rob