Good to be Back in Mexico

Hey happy readers!

Remember us? It’s team Velella velella, and we’re back! Thank you for politely overlooking our long hiatus from posting. Alaska swallowed us up this summer, buried us in boatloads of salmon and spit us back out again this fall. We landed in Port Townsend in September, still reeling from all the fish but got our wits about us just in time to get married! After a magical NW Nautical Mexican “I do” Fest, we took a Honeymonth that included time in Hawaii and a road trip down the coast of California. Go Westie! We love our Westfalia van. Now we find ourselves back on our dear Ingrid for our 3rd season in a row in Banderas Bay, Mexico. The heat was oppressive when we first arrived, 96 degrees and dripping but “winter” temperatures have arrived and now the max temperature most days is in the low 80s. Pretty perfect.

Happily the boat weathered the summer well, no mold or major issues found. We unstowed everything, got the booms and sails back on, and headed back out to the anchorage at La Cruz. Town is as friendly and relaxing as ever and our buddies are starting to show up as they wrap up their long work seasons like us. Everyone is excited to be back to boat living, speaking Spanish, eating paletas (popsicles) in the central square, traveling to nearby towns like Sayulita, working on our boats and going sailing! Rob is getting reacquainted with his guitar and ukelele through regular cockpit jam sessions and I found a writing group and an African dance class in Bucerías so we are very happy! Looking forward to family visiting for the holidays and in February and March. All that fish slinging was worth it if it means we get to spend the winter down here. We feel very grateful.

Missing everyone back in the States! We love you. Please keep warm and keep in touch!

Love, Kai y Rob aka the Velellaz