Dónde están los photos?

Hello again,

There have been some questions about how to view our photos. If you read our posts in your email, or even click the link to our website that’s included in the blog emails, you won’t see the links to the pictures. Sorry, I wish you could. It’s a hitch with WordPress. You have to actually go to our mainpage, vivavella.wordpress.com to see the albums. (Hint: if you see ‘Home’ click on it.) Hope that helps!

Also, big shout out to Kate and Myron, friends from Port Townsend- thanks for coming to visit us this month and bringing us mail and chocolate! What great human beings. We loved sharing our life down here with you and hope the rest of your Mexican travels were splendid. Thank you for being our fact-checker when Rob’s stories got a little far fetched (apparently Banderas Bay is not 10,000 feet deep) and for sharing far fetched stories of your own. Se vaya bien!

I’m off to the cocina econimica (cheap local lunch spot) for some tortillas a mano (made by hand) and huachinango! (red snapper, mmmm)

Cuidate (take care),


Feliz Año Nuevo!

Happy 2014! We finally posted some pictures for you. They start in November when we first returned to the boat and end in January where we are currently living on anchor in Punta Mita, not far from La Cruz, in Banderas Bay. Hopefully these snaps will help you to see what we’ve been up to so far our third season down here. If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll probably recognize many of the faces as we’ve reconnected with amigos/as from the last two years including those aboard Aquarelle, Tumbleweed, Lungta, Midnight Blue, Bella Vita, Woofee and more. As is customary in the cruising world, some of our friends from last year are gone, having sailed away across the South Pacific to lands beyond. (We miss you Wooshee!) But the weight of their absence is lessened by all the new boats we have met this year. And, in a surprising turn of events, we’ve even started meeting young gringos who live on land! We treat them to boat stories and dinghy rides and they let us take real showers at their houses. What a deal!

Our third Mexican Christmas was extra special because for the first time we had family down here to celebrate with us! Rob’s dad and stepmother, two sisters and nephew all flew down for 10 days of delicious meals, swimming, surfing, sailing, dolphin and whale watching, hot sunshine and pouring rain. Yep, these hardy souls caught some wet weather the second half of their trip but stayed positive. We found ways to have fun everyday, no matter what the skies sent us. One day took us to colorful Sayulita and San Pancho, another to a flooded Puerto Vallarta. Christmas morning we spent opening presents, swapping holiday stories and eating papaya and pan dulces in matching pajamas (thanks Sue!). In the afternoon, Rob and his sister Lauren had a Navidad surf session while the rest of us lounged in the sand and helped Reef, Lauren’s son, catch waves on his new boogie board. A week later we danced in the New Year on the beach, a perfect end to their visit and start to 2014! Thank you Sandersons for an amazing visit! We had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you back in the States.

Now it’s back to the grindstone. Scrubbing the boat bottom, going surfing, cleaning the eternal sand and salt, hanging out with friends, hitchhiking to the gas station for dinghy fuel, going to boat potlucks, buying eggs and veggies at the abbarotes (little markets), relaxing in the cockpit. Not a bad life.

Hope you’re having both wonderful adventures and cozy down time. Hasta luego!

Kai y Roberto