Happy Valentine’s Day (a day late)

Thinking of friends and family around the globe this weekend and hoping everyone is feeling lots of love, expressed with ample pink hearts and lacy doilies. We are good, pretty settled into our routine now with boat and baby. Etolin’s life jacket and baby carrier continue to be our most used and useful possessions. They provide safety and mobility, two essentials in this lifestyle!

We finally sailed to Punta de Mita and Rob got back into the waves while I got back into my writing. I am going to my Writer’s Group every Saturday, like last season, which is a treat. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to swing it with Etolin but so far, the group has enjoyed his contributions. (Big smiles, coos, squeals, and his latest boast, phenomenal raspberry spitting sounds.) We found an excellent bilingual doctor in Puerto Vallarta and she gave E. a clean big of health at his four month check-up. The medical care down here is excellent! And much easier on the wallet.

Other highlights of January included a beach bonfire, meeting new baby friends, and a lovely visit with Rob’s Grandma Beverly and Grandpa Bob, who passed through on their Mexican cruise. We met them in front of their ship and enjoyed a meal of tacos while they played with Etolin. We love getting to see family down here! My mom just left after a wonderful visit, those pictures will be posted with my next post.

Lots of love to all! Feliz dia del amor y amistad!