Abuela JaJa Visits

My mom came to see Etolin, I mean us, last month and if the mountains of photos she left in her wake are any indicator, she had a great time! She commandeered her own paddle board to transport her out to the anchorage where she could observe us in our native habitat. Etolin enjoyed showing her around, paying special attention to the nooks and crannies he likes to populate with Cheerios and toy cars. I imagine he was thinking, “Here are my books and my cars and the balls that move on their own across the floor when the surf is up. Here is the apple slice I placed under my chair and here is the winch and handle and here is my mom, asking me not to throw the winch handle overboard. Here is the new swim ladder. Say, why don’t we go down it and take a dip? Yes, I think that is a fine idea.”

What she heard was, “Dat? Car? Bahhh? Apple? Dis? Dah? Agua? AGUA???” followed by a colossal smile when we picked up his swim trunks and floatie and he knew he had been understood.

During Grandma JaJa’s visit we played on the beach in Mita, visited La Cruz by bus, took long walks and longer naps, snorkeled at Las Tres Mariettas with the masses and took the inflatable kayak for a spin. Etolin had his first SUP ride and cut his first molar and threw up all night for the first (but probably not the last) time. Nurse Grandma to the rescue! She took great care of him, and great care of me when I got it too. Thank goodness it was only a 24-hour bug and she and Rob escaped unscathed. Mostly we just looked for bodies of water and then put Etolin in them. Pool, shore, bay, ocean, bath tub, noooooo, not that mud puddle!

Etolin impressed with his expanding vocabulary, which now includes coco, diesel, avocado (pronounced “Ah-DOH-know?”) and please (in sign language) and his diverse and unique repertoire of animal sounds: dog, cat, duck, cow, dolphin, whale, lion, bear, fish, frog and El Gallo, Mr. Rooster.

Before my mom left I took her to the La Cruz Writer’s Group which I’m thrilled I’ve been able to attend regularly. It’s my attempt to keep my brain active and entice the words to flow. It is also my only guaranteed toddler-free time and no offense, Etolin, but I enjoy it! Thanks Rob for making it possible. And thank you to Alison and her son Chandro on S/V Kenta Anae who were Etolin’s first non-family member babysitters when Rob’s surf trip to Quimixto coincided with Writer’s Group. We are lucky to have such great friends and community down here. But don’t worry, Port Townsend, we still miss you!

It’s dark and stormy here tonight. Quite unusual to be so cold and rainy. As the squalls come in, we literally have to batten down the hatches. And pull out our sweaters and raincoats! Hopefully the weather will clear up in time for our birthdays. Till then, we are bundled up in solidarity with all of you experiencing a real winter up North!

The Velellaz

P.S. Feliz cumpleaños to Abuela JaJa today!!! We miss you! xoxoxo


3 thoughts on “Abuela JaJa Visits

  1. Thank you sweetheart! i just got home from a fine Birthday day. Reading this was the icing on the cake!
    And now to see the fotos!! I love youzies and miss you terrrbly! xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday, Rob 3/12/16 and Happy Birthday KaiLea 3/15/16…celebrating in Mexico…what a wonderful thing!! I love you! xoxo abulita

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