Hasta Luego Mex!

Goodbye time already! We’ve packed up the boat, said our farewells and all that remains is to board the plane and fly north. What a season! Leaving is bittersweet. We had a very special visit this month with Rob’s mom Lynn and stepdad Robin. (Fun photos here!) Etolin loved showing them around his boatworld down here, swimming at the beach and pool and playing smash ball, a beach game Rob made up. Lynn claims to have taught Etolin how to say “pool”, “swimming” and “bye-bye” in just one week. I think she may be right. He also says “uh-oh” and “wine-o-rhino” which is the unique name of our good friends’ Tasha and Owen’s boat. We have not heard him say “velella velella” yet…

Speaking of VV, we just want to give her a little shout out, as we prepare to leave her for the next 6 months. She is such a good boat! We ask so much of her and she delivers tenfold. Here are some of the things we ask of her: “Take us to Yelapa Velella Velella! Wait patiently while we explore the jungle, in search of waterfalls and wild parrots. Hold us tight while we get thrashed by swell all night and almost collide with our neighbor. Now take us to La Cruz and shelter us through the rockin’ rollin’ thermal wind that blasts through the anchorage, every afternoon like clockwork. Keep that anchor wedged down snug. Now release it from the sandy bottom without protest and slip us quietly into the marina, between pangas, pelicans and sailboats and don’t scratch that mega yacht as we pull into a slip. Keep the tropical rain out, the heat out, the bugs at bay. But let our friends in, expand your cockpit to accommodate us all, echo our jokes and laughter over the water. Time to go to Mita? Raise up your sails, find us some dolphins! No wind? Start your engine, get us there by sunset. Hold our fresh water, hold our expectations, hold our hearts. And most of all, hold our son and keep his wily little body safely onboard!”

That’s a lot to ask of a boat. But she can do it, and much more. Three cheers for Velella velella!

Alright, they’re calling our flight. For those of you up north, see you soon! For those of you down here in Mexico, stay cool and see you next winter! Thank you for the magical memories.

xoxoThe Velellaz

P.S. Photos of our last month in Mexico here, including birthday festivities, visitors by land and sea and just general boat life happenings. Enjoy!