The Grand Plan

Quit jobs.
Prepare ship for voyage.
Leave Port Townsend, WA mid-August 2011.

Part One: Sail offshore down the coast till we reach the Golden Gate! Work and volunteer Sept. and Oct. in the Bay Area then hop down the coast to Southern California.

Part Two: Sail into Mexico in December. Pick a small port town likely around Puerto Vallarta to live until next spring. Surf, dance, devote time to becoming more fluent in Español, get involved, learn how to make amazing food, play music, make new friends,  entertain many visitors (we hope) and try hard not to miss cold, gray Pacific NW winters too much.

Part Three: In April, leave boat hauled out in Mexico and fly to Alaska to work spring/summer 2012. I would love to crew on a tender again a.k.a. buy salmon from commercial fishing boats. Rob wants to drive boats with his 100 ton Captain’s License. But we’ve also both worked on tourist boats, and I think I can remember a few things about those humpback whales from my Maui days.

Part Four: Repeat!


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